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Executive Search 

Helping Clients Build Winning Organizations


The Aldrich Group is an executive search firm that has been helping clients build winning organizations for over 25 years.

We have a track record of successful search assignments spanning many industry sectors and functional disciplines.  Some of our established practice areas are bio-pharmaceuticals, chemicals, diversified manufacturing, healthcare services, medical devices and diagnostics, packaging, pharmaceuticals, supply chain management, business services, private equity and venture capital.

Practice Principles and Processes

Operational Excellence Defines Us and Best Practices Guide Us

Operational excellence is at the heart of our value proposition. 


While we've standardized our methods according to best practices we've woven into the fabric of our operation, we are especially diligent in developing a tailor made process platform for each individual search.  In partnership with our clients, we:

  • work hard to understand the strategic context of  our search assignments and the strategic significance of every job - how a specific job mission serves the bigger goals and objectives of an enterprise endeavor

  • build a compelling recruiting proposition based on the achievement of a job mission

  • develop insightful search plans for our assignments that model job competencies, project job goals and job deliverables, candidate motivation factors and organizational and cultural compatibility.  Search plans include  project timetables and deliverables.


We continuously review each step in our search process through the lens of client satisfaction.  

We accept assignments based on a frank assessment of how well we can meet a prospective client’s needs and expectations.  We allocate our internal resources carefully so that our clients are afforded the considerable “mind share” and raw production time that a well-managed search requires.  Our reputation for operating excellence and an industry leading track-record of fulfillment has positioned us as the go-to firm for especially difficult, problematic or confidential searches that require extra measures of discretion, insight and due diligence.

The Best Interests of Clients and Candidates Govern Our Every Action

We are client advocates who merge clients’ needs with candidates’ career strategies.  While our first obligation is always to the companies that engage us, we believe that we serve our clients' interests most effectively by advancing the interests, the careers, of talented candidates.  We give every candidate his or her due: honest respect, objective and professional assessment of capabilities relative to the client needs, uncompromising confidentiality in the management of his or her candidacy, and frank disposition of his or her candidacy upon closure of the search.




"Our clients are our strongest advocates.  Repeat clients generate approximately 90% of our engagements."

The Aldrich Group has served clients across a broad array of industries including:

Aerospace & Aviation              

Alternative/Renewable Energy       

Bio-pharmaceuticals and Vaccines

Business Services  

Consumer Health            

Consumer Packaged Goods              

Direct Marketing &                    

Fulfilment Operations                  

Diversified Manufacturing               

Financial Services                       


Health Care Services  

Information Technology          

Management Consulting

Medical Devices & Diagnostics

Packaging & Packaging Identification


Private Equity & Venture Capital

Property & Casualty Insurance

Specialty Chemicals

Supply Chain Management


The Aldrich Group


15 East Putnam Avenue

Box 342

Greenwich, CT 06830

Tel:  203.869.2198


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Meet The Team


Jeff Aldrich

President & Owner

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P.D. Riley


IT and Fulfillment Operations

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Whendi Slagle


Marketing and Social Media

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